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I have been having some trouble lately with Norton, it takes way too much time starting windows. I notice on the msconfig that there are a few different apps its running. One, of which is oscheck.exe and the other is Symantec PIF AlertEng, can I disable these apps. Of course it needs to run ccapp on startup but are these other apps necessary. From what I can tell oscheck is checking my operating system, but is it totally necessary on startup. I have heard it will speed up the start up time. Any ideas would be a great help.
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  1. honestly Norton is simply robbing you out of good money.

    you spend good money on ram and processor and Norton is stealing it from you left and right? why, because they can't put out something better that is lighter, faster and much better.

    uninstall Norton and get yourself Nod32, its a full 30 trial, use if for 15 if you like it buy it, but its only gonna take you 1 day to love it ;)

    Norton has got 7 or more processes vs Nod32's 2, Norton is much slower then nod32.

    in short they are not even in the same class, nod32 dwarfs Norton in every way.
  2. ^^^^I agree with edklite, ditch Norton as soon as possible. Its just a resource hog..... I use AVG anti-virus ...the FREE EDITION and have never had any virus related problems it could not easily fix 8)
  3. I have also just noticed that office 2007 which I am running with xp pro seems to have some effect on norton. It just started giving me errors 3038,103 constantly. Makes no sense.
  4. msconfig and disable all none ms services and all startup services and see how fast you boot with them off ;)
  5. I have shut off the oscheck, I want to confirm that it won't give my system problem.

    Also has there been any reported issues with Norton 2007 Anti-Virus and Office 2007 working on the same system?
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