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I have got a HDD it was in 2 participations (C and D) ... i was working on my computer and the electricity got down... and my computer turned off . When i turned on the computer when i tryed to get in D: participation where was Writen : Do you want to formate it now ... . I restarted the computer and when i log-ed in there wasn't D: anymore.

I have very important documents there ... and a lot of WORK STUFF . If i cant get them back ... i will lose my job for sure.

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More about problem please
  1. wow, don't panic or reformat, you can very probably get the data back but don't try anything until you have a plan. There is a program called 'recover my files' which can get data from lost or reformatted partitions. You can get it here: http://www.recovermyfiles.com/.

    They also have a support forum. Depending on how critical the data is you may want to send the drive to a professional data revovery company, though this would be rather expensive.

    I would also wait until others here have offered more suggestions. Main thing at the moment is to calm down and wait knowing the data can most likely be recovered by one means or another.

    Avoid using or writing new data to the HD for the time being, just to be safe.
  2. Spinrite is another program that can help you. It has a recovery mode and will correct your partition error.

    Buy yourself a UPS, then you want run in to these problems.
  3. may I add: backup regularly?
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