I got a TV/FM Card... how do i use it?

Hi all,
Sorry if this is a lame question, but my friend had a TV card he wasn't using and so he gave it to me. Its a Asus TV7133/4? with a phillips TV something. Anyhow, it was taken from a HP computer. I don't think I have any software to use it with. I installed correctly plus latest drivers. It has analog ports (red, white, yellow) on the back, a TV/antenna port, and a s-video? on the back? what are they all used for. I also have a spare DVD player, so can I hook it up to my PC seeing as I dont have a DVD-rom? Is that all possible? hmm.. I read the manual too.. it says to have sound I have to plug something in to my motherboard, a Line-in. I've checked my motherboard manual and I dont really know where it is. Its a Grandmars nForce 3 250Gb chipset. Lastly, is there any free software anyone recommends me for Win XP? or the best paying software. Either way. Maybe I could dl a torrent? :D

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  1. :P

    I can help you. I can email you the drivers and the sofware you need is fly 2000 tv. See how that works. The drivers are also available at search for 7134

    It's fiddly but worth it! Let me know if you need anymore help. The DVD should be able to record too.
  2. Okay I can confirm my TV Card is a 'Asus TV7134 WDM Video Capture' as it says in the device manager. It is working, up and running. I got a hold of Intervideo's Home Theater software, however its a bit slow. The only thing I have left to do is connect the audio. Apparently I have to connect the JP1 Connector on the Asus TV Card to the Line-In (JP Audio-input) on my motherboard, because im using onboard sound.

    This is all straightforward to me, but i cant find the Line-In on my motherboard. There is a Line-In port/jack on the rear panel, but I think it wants me to connect it internally, directly to the motherboard.

    My motherboard is a Grandmars LanParty NForce3 250GB
  3. :o
    How this works for me is there is a special cable that goes from the tv card to the same port you would normally plug the digital audio from a CD or DVD drive into. It would be "CD audio" or similar on the mainboard. On my mainboard it is called Internal Audio Connector:CD1 and is black. The tV2000 software works specifically with these philips based cards - I'd reccomend it.
  4. thanks a lot for the reply, it makes a lot more sense now. So i reckon I cant use cds in my pc? there wouldnt be any sound? =\ and also i would think the TV card audio-out port would be a different kind to the cd audio-in port right? cd-audio in is black in colour has 4 pins a bit larger, the audio-out on tv card is white and smaller also 4 pins.
  5. I have ASUS TV7133/4 REV: 1.01 with a Philips FQ1216ME/I H-3 builed in but i have no idea to use it. I need a driver that works or something????
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