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Since we deployed to iraq in late 06' me and my unit set up personel internet here, we have roughly 10 people on our network and i was wondering if it is possible to limit the amount of downstream any one IP can pull. The Satellite dose not get very much bandwidth and it would really help to keep people from getting their bandwidth stolen.

Any types of gear seguestions would really help.

Thx in advance for any seguestions.
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  1. How are people connected to the internet? WiFi router? Wired router/switch?
  2. Calyn, The other soldiers are connected to the net through a wired router. Not shure the exact model and all but i can get that if its needed.
  3. If it's wired it's fairly easy to set up traffic policing depending on the brand (annd sometimes model) per port. Each port can be rate-limited to a certain degree. If you feel creative it's even possible to set up a multi-tier pilicy allowing people to exceed the bandwidth if there's low usage at that time :D

    But that depends on the switch if it has those configuartion options.
  4. See if you can get your hands on a linksys wrt-54g and install dd-wrt. All the bandwidth monitoring and limiting tools you could ever need, not including the incredably low price of the router.
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