After logging on to XP my comp logs me off straight away!

when i log on to my laptop it begins to load up my desktop and it only gets as far as the wallpaper then it immediately logs me off again. so i cant get into my comp to try and fix it.

any ideas plz?

my laptop is a Toshiba Equium EA80-132
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  1. did you install or add any new apps or hardware?
  2. nope havent installed anythin new on it for ages. was workin perfectly fine then i turned it off and now i cant get back into it.
  3. can you explain a bit more about the process please, are you getting any errors or messages?

    does it log you off, shutdown and restarts or does it just shutdown and restarts?
  4. when i turn the comp on it goes to the log on screen as usual. then when i type in my password and hit enter it logs on and plays the windows start up tune, the wallpaper appears but like 3 seconds later it just goes back to the log on screen and says logging off. then it just stays on the log in screen.

    i dont know how to enter safe mode, i press f2 on start up but in the bios menu there is now safe mode option.
  5. It's F8 for Safe Mode. You also try logging in as Administrator in Safe Mode.

  6. pressing f8 doesnt do anythin.

    how do i log on as administrator?
  7. as grumpy says f8 for safe mode, make sure you are admin when you login and when you f8 try choosing "last known good configuration" and see if that helps
  8. You have to restart your computer. When you see the BIOS splash screen, start hitting F8. I'd try Safe Mode first. I've never seen LKG work yet.

  9. so i finall got f8 to work and i tried last known good config but that didnt work. i tried safe mode with admin. it may be a virus so gonna run a virus scanner. if that doesnt work i dunno wot it could be.

    thanks for ur help.
  10. went on safe mode and ran a virus check. didnt find any viruses. so still wont work. any ideas of wot else it cud be?
  11. I would say your Windows profile is corrupt. Create a new username and copy you files to your new profile.

  12. created a new profile but it does the same thing wi that profile.
  13. can you try a repair off the xp cd?
  14. i cant do that untill friday, the disk is at home and i dont go home til then.
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