Help! WinXP SP2 boot failure after reboot from standby.

Hey guys, I really need some help. My computer was having trouble getting out of standby mode this morning. I just did a cold boot, but it said something about system not found, and suggested that I run the Windows Recovery Console. I did as it said, and ran "fixboot.exe c:". After that, the computer actually said ntldr is missing. I subsequently copied the root directory from my wife's desktop also running Windows XP SP2, and copied the entire root (including ntldr, boot.ini, etc.) to a floppy disk. Booting from that, it said hal.dll not found. When I tried to view the directory of my different hard drives, my secondary partitions like d: and e: listed my folders, but for c:, it just showed some weird symbols. I worry about running fixmbr.exe because it said something about permanently damaging my files. Can someone please let me know what's the best way to recover my data?! My last backup was 6 months ago, and I have lots of wedding stuff like photos and such on the harddrive. Your help would be much appreciated.
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  1. can you do a repair of the xp cd?
  2. I just tried running fixmbr, but nothing works. Using recovery console, c:\ shows some random symbols, while d: and e: shows a regular folder structure. Is it possible that the drive is corrupted? What's the best way to recover my data? I just attached an EIDE drive, install windows on that, and viewed the c: drive. It looks like it has no data. Please advise.
  3. so you did not try to repair it then you just used the recovery console, try a repair.

    xp repair
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