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I recently had my Win Vista Ultimate system freeze at the shutdown screen. No-ctrl-alt delete or ctrl-shift-esc presses had any effect. So I had to hit the reset button on my computer in order to restart back to the desktop and THEN complete a successful shutdown. I've only had the problem once. Does restarting the system from a frozen shutdown screen have any negative affect on the software system? I.E., requiring a restore, etc.? So far it hasn't happened again so I'm inclined to leave well enough alone at this point. I'm assuming a program or process could not be terminated for some reason.
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    Everything should be fine.. Ive had to press the reset button a few times and never had any problems booting back up.
  2. Don't do anything til the problem is persistent
  3. I will agree with the other two. When you get the BSOD, you really don't have much choice. That really is the idea behind a BSOD, it stops all computer activity and you you need to reset.

    The only thing I would suggest is that you power-down for a few seconds before restarting your system. BUT, for several years now, I have been completely pulling the power cord out of the psu before restarting the system because, when I look inside the box after 'killing' the power, a little green lite still glows!...

    Actually, I know exactly what is going on and I am just suggesting that you should always do a 'full shutdown', pulling the plug from the wall, whenever you see a BSOD crash. I haven't had one for years but when one does occur, it is usually related to a real hardware problem. For me, it never hurts to completely kill the power for a minimum of 30 seconds or so when you have one (are you really in that big of a hurry?).

  4. Good point DblD, since I have a UPS, just kill pwr there. Some BSOD's are given no mercy, like those involving the kernel. Learned that the hard way in W95B. Total power failure for 30 sec's.

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