vista can not install on sata

I've just bought a ASUS P5N32-E SLI plus. Now I want to install windows vista. So I put the DVD in the drive and begin the install but when i get to the part where vista is supposed to find some drivers, it finds nothing. It then says that I have to put in a media (USB, floppy, cd or DVD) with the drivers on and either let it search for them on the media or I can point out where the files are myself. Either way nothing happens, I can't get any kind of driver to work.
The CD that came with the motherboard contains drivers, but vista can't recognize them when I put in the CD or when I extract them and put them on an USB key. I've downloaded some drivers from ASUS' side and also from nvidia's side, but I can't get anything to work
Q6600 4gb ocz Gold Edition 2x250gb sata hdd msi8800gts320
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  1. Can you see your HD in bios?
  2. yer have got it formated as basic and NTFS i had to format it in xp as vista would not let me do anything with it
  3. Make sure your bios is set to boot to cd first,I have loaded vista on Sata drives with no special drivers. This works well especially on the newer Mobo. The older mobo sometimes needed drivers for the on board Sata.
  4. I had a very similar problem. Coronaz is right on - make sure your bios can see it first off.

    I suggest you get on the phone with your motherboard tech support to rule out user error rather quickly, rather than banging your head against the wall. I sure wish I had done that earlier.

    Microsoft's research engineers are spending 3 days trying to figure out why Vista won't recognize my SATA drive as a valid location to install the OS. Maybe you have the same, frustratingly rare, problem.
  5. thanks for the help asus tech support said to update bios then install with just one drive and it now works great start overclocking it all now
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