dvd drive dying??

i have an issue with my dvd drive. I have an NEC 3550A and it just started not to recognize DVD's, it does find CD's, any dvd that i put in the drive it says that it is a blank CD. is there any tests that i can do to make sure that it is the drive? i was running vista when this started and i got tired of vistas security stuff so i just did a clean install of xp, did the firmware update for the drive and still getting the same thing.
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  1. Given DVD drives are about $30, I'd just replace it
  2. Try uninstalling all of your burning software and see if it works before you replace your drive. You might have a conflict between the software installed.
  3. I'd agree with Rogue but if you haven't installed any burning software after you loaded XP, then your burner is toast.
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