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Just installed XP pro with the intention of limiting some file and drive accessibility by other users. Not sure what I did but now it requires an admin password on each startup. If I'm limiting file access to employees, obviously it doesn't make sense to have them enter the admin password at each startup. The windows help areas that I've seen say that screen should go away after additional users accounts have been created - but that hasn't happened. In fact, I don't even have the option of switching users. Anyone know how I can go back and fix what I did?
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  1. Control Panel --> User Accounts --> User Accounts --> Change the way users log on or off --> Check the boxes for Welcome Screen & Fast User Switching unless your computer is part of a Domain.

  2. Thanks.
    I actually found the answer to that part last night. Also had to remove Novell Network from the list of network places for individual users to change the looks of the login screen.

    Think I'll hire an IT type to help with the final setup with remote access and security. It's just too important an issue for me to spend time making mistakes.

    Do have another question - If I install Vista Business on my machine at home, will it play nice with the remote workstation on XP Pro? What about using Domains and IE7? Will there be a problem or is that only with XP Home?

    Thanks again.
  3. I have Vista Business but haven't tried Remote Desktop to XP Pro yet. It should be able to join a Domain with no problem. IE7 is the default browser in Vista.

  4. Thanks again Grumpy.

    My initial problem with admin login was actually a non-problem. I just didn't understand the login screen. The other funny part is that I had allways stayed away from the my documents folder since it didn't fit the traditional file structure and I had no reason to protect files on my home computers. Now I understand a little more about shared access and protected files - the answer was right in front of me all the time!

    I also want to be able to set up a secure network that will allow me to remotely poll a cash register and download the info into QiuckBooks at home or at another location (bookeeper/accountant). I think it's time for me to hand this one over to someone who has allready gone through the learning curve.
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