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I am getting a new laptop that I need to be able to do video editing and playback on. I have been reading about graphics cards but most of the recommendations I find are geared toward cards for gaming. Does anyone have recommendations for graphics cards for video, or should I just get the highest one offered? Is there a big difference in what I want to do vs. gaming cards?

If it helps I am getting a Toshiba and it seems like most of my choices are GEForce Go cards from 7300 to 7900 GTX with 128 to 512MB of memory. Are these cards going to work ok, or are there better choices for my needs?

Thanks for any help.
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  1. Editing won't matter, for HD playback you want at least the GFGO7600GT for all the features, but more commonly you'll find the GFGO7900GS. On the ATi side of the equation a Mobility X1600 or higher for HD playback.
  2. Thanks so much! That's exactly what I needed to know. :)
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