Major Problem please help the need !!

ok this is what happen, the other night my computer was really slow so i turned it off by pressing the button(without doing it like im suppose to) so anyways i turned it on and it got to the windows xp screen then it reseted it self ?... so then i mess with it and this screen came up saying choose safe mode choose last know whatever, so i was going to put it on "last know" option and my keyboard didnt wanna let me choose anything so i figured ok let me remove the hard drive from this computer and let me put it in my windows 98 comp.. so i did and the same screen came on and this time i was able to move it so i choosed my option then this load bar came out and it went all the way so then i took my hard drive out of my win 98 comp and put it back to my xp comp, i started it up and it said that this change is expected if not you may have a virus click F4 to change and press F8 to leave it alone... my problem is that my keyboard wont let me do jack with it and im not sure what to pick cause i know theres no virus on here,.,, please help me.. should i buy a USB keyboard.. maybe it will let me choose my option...
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  1. you made a big mistake loading your xp in another box

    never do that again.

    put your xp drive in your xp box then do an xp repair off the xp cd

    xp repair
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