I need help confirming the email I keep getting.

Yes, I know this is in the wrong place, but I need to know if the email Im getting is a scam cause it is being sent to the wrong person. Plus I live in the US, not Australia.
This is what the email said:

Dear President and Deputy,

I am reporting on a few things I need to note.

The Office of the Tax Collection Service:

Matthew? After repeated requests you have still not acted on my request
to get your list of freebies that can be auctioned off. If these
constituents don't act there tax bills will be sky high. June 1st tax
bills WILL be sent out and WILL be PAID. _________________END OF
STORY!________________________________. So Matthew F. please act

The Office of IT Services :

I hope everyone who is entitled to Salesforce has received logins. If
you have not please contact me ASAP. I also hope you make active use of
these logins. My latest plan is to create a Google Apps account for the
Foster Family ending in F... ( a free domain). Adobe Echosign
signature service will soon be implemented for signing acts into law.
Echosign is a digital program that will allow the electronic viewing and
signature of people who have the right to voice their opinion.

Signature Samples:

By June 1st could I please get a signature sample from both of you for
the tax notice letters. To do this sign your signature on a A4 piece of
paper pretty large. Then scan it in to the computer and email that to
me. The alternative is that you do step one( sign on A4 piece of paper)
then mail it back to me. Please mail to the following address:

Office of Signature Samples
Foster Family Council
P.O Box 5010
South Turramurra NSW 2074

Office of Event Planning:

I am locking in the date for the Christmas Planning Commission
Preliminary Meeting as Saturday 1st of September. The Final Meeting will
occur on Saturday 6th of October. NO DECISIONS ARE TO BE MADE UNTIL

Thank you for reading this patronizing email :-)

Manager House Business (Aka above all off you:-P )
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    It's pretty obviously a scam and you can safely delete it.

  2. it's a scam for sure..... delete and do not worry about it.
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