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VISTA Ultimate 64-Bit - BSOD!!!! HELP

OK, so I installed Vista Ultimate 64-bit and kept getting BSOD within 5 minutes after logging in. I didn't have any problems after install of the OS, but i noticed it started after I loaded the ASUS driver CD for the MB. I choose to load all drivers (first option). BTW, this is what I have:

MB: ASUS P5K Deluxe with WiFi(Intel P35 MB)
CPU: Intel e6600
RAM: G-SKILL DDR2 6400, 4gig
Graphics: EVGA 8800GTS 320mb
HD: 2xSeagate 250gb (perpendicular recording) in RAID-1, single partition
CD: Optiarc (Sony/NEC)
PS: Seasonic S12 550W

I redid the RAID config, after the BSOD didn't stop (because of so many BSODs RAID went into degraded because 1 drive was out of sync). I will reinstall Vista once more and this time install each driver manually to narrow down which piece of H/W is causing the BSOD. Any suggestion? Did anyone have similar problems?
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  1. that's a new chip-set and OS, you probably will have BSODs on it for a while... I would recommend that you not put your livelyhood on this setup for several months (at least). If it is mostly for games, just check asus and MS every other day for updates.

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    I think I found the culprit. The intel RAID monitor driver in Vista was causing the BSOD. Didnt install it the 2nd time around and havent had a single BSOD since.
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