Heya everyone,
So I have two events in Event Viewer that cause me grief...Vista cannot load pfc.sys nor GearaspiWDM.sys. I have Vista Ult. 64 bit.

I KNOW in the past I've gotten BSOD referring to this stupid pfc.sys file. I've been told that it is required to be able to load the DVD/CD drives so you can't delete it.

I think it may have been installed with Itunes because I know after I installed a particular version of ITunes my OS crapped out with BSOD's all over the place.

So...does anyone know if this can be deleted, or somehow bypassed without messing up your CD/DVD drives? Thanks
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    From everything I've read, once pfc.sys is used for the Samsung type DVD drive, its required for the drive to continue working. Any driver updates available on their site?

    As far as GEAR, do a google just on the file name. There are many links with info on what devices to uninstall and what registry entries to modify depending on your error. This file is also related to your type of drive, but apparently it is fixable.
  2. I don't even have a Samsung DVD drive (Unless they own Lite-On).
    It's definitely put in place by ITunes because if I delete it ITunes yells at me saying its missing one of its beloved files. I found a registry edit for this for WinXP, but I don't know if it will be the same for Vista.
    Thanks for your help
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