Vista doesnt install drivers for my ethernet and wont connec


Hi all.
Set up a dual boot system with win xp pro and vista ultimate.
I boot into vista and I can not connect to the internet or network to my other pc.
When I boot in to xp it is fine, same hardware everyhign the same except the OS.
Then it searches for drivers for my ethernet card and cant find any so it suggests I go online, lol DOH!!

I am getting frustrated with the lack of info on the subject.

I have a p5k board with onboard lan/ethernet, and I also have a 3com ethernet card I was using before this set up, I only today installed it in here to see if it would help and it did not, again in win xp no problem either way, just connects.

Also in hardware manager under Other devices I have 4 things all yellowed out to say there is issues, one is the ethernet card, it has no drivers loaded.
I go to microsofts site to see what I Can find burried in the plethora of pages and come away with nothing.

What is the best bet to get my drivers loaded so I dotn have issues?
Should i go look for a 3com driver and burn it to disc or floppy and then load it myself in windows vista?
How is everyone else getting connectivity with vista 64?
Any help would be great, I am pulling out the little bit of hair I have left.

System is awesome, stable as a rock and so fast it makes me laugh, but vista is annoying me at the moment, it woldnt be so bad if I could connect and then go online and update the OS but I cant even do that.

Please help?

asus p5k
x-fi gamers
crucial 4x1 gig baliistix pc8500
antec trio 650
plextar dvd/rw
seagate 400 gig stata 7200.10
thermaltake armor 800bws
zalman 9700 cooler
win xp pro/win vista 64 ultimate

Thanks in advance,
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  1. You need to go to the manufacturers website and download the vista drivers for your equipment. Vista, just like XP, doesnt have drivers for every thing. Boot up to xp, download the drivers and save them in a folder that Vista can get to. Boot into Vista and install.
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