RAID functionality on a clean install to vista premium

I have three hard drives. Two of them are set up in raid 1 and are 500gb. the third is 40gb and is used for my operating system.

I just purchased windows vista premium and i am going to do a clean install on my 40gb hard drive, which currently houses xp pro and all the software that is require to run my raid 1.

My question is.. will this clean install, of windows vista premium, have any affect on my raid 1 ( two 500gb hard drives) which houses a lot of my files and information for work?

The first time i set up the raid, the OS needed to format the two hard disk in order to recognize them and I'm afraid I'll lose all the information if vista needs to do the same.

thank you.
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    I would certainly NOT take a chance with my business data. If it were me, I would not even have my business drives attached to my system while doing an installation<period>

    After you have Vista completely installed, and if you were 'feeling lucky', you might want to hook them up and see if Vista recognized the configuration. Acutally I probably wouldn't even do that until I had a full back up. Also, I wouldn't trust anyone on the forum with my business safety. I was really tempted to say 'Duuauah' here, but I won't...

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