wiping hardrive without os disk?

Hi im selling my now three year old pc but have hit a major and expected problem. When i got it it didnt come with an operating system disk (i have xp home) so now when i want to wipe it both for performance (as its got sooo slow and full of crap) and for data protection i cant just do a clean install.

Is there any way i can wipe it (so it performs like it did when i bought it) without getting rid of the os. Preferably if its software i dont want to pay much or anything if possible :wink:

I just dont want to sell what should be a perfectly good machine to some poor soul who finds out that it performs like a pentium 3 800mhz :evil: .

thanks in advance

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  1. uninstall everything you got on it
  2. I tried that and it still is really laggy just on basic apps and it just feels really bloated. Like its eaten too much :lol:

    Is there a way of literally wiping everything (like a clean install) expcept for xp.

    Or if that isnt possible could i make a personal copy of xp from my computer (how would i do that) then do a fresh install? Obviously for my personal use only


  3. uninstall everything means leave only XP ;) otherwise what is the point of uninstalling?
  4. Quote:
    uninstall everything means leave only XP ;) otherwise what is the point of uninstalling?

    ok so it ought to once i have unistalled everything be as fast as when i bought it. :) For instance since buying boot time has skyrocketed. :evil:

  5. you can see how it would be without doing it.

    msconfig, and disable all none ms services and then disable all startup apps and then reboot and you will see with everything disabled how fast PC boots and runs ;)

    if you don't know how to msconfig then let me know and I will gladly walk you thru it ;)

    good luck ;)
  6. Nah i think i know! Anyway ill post back when ive done it... thanks for the help m8 :D
  7. good luck ;)
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