Connecting to router problem

:hello: everyone.
I have put together a PC from bits, with Win98. It works OK.
I have installed an Ethernet PCI network adaptor so I can connect to the net but can't get it installed.
I notice the PCI card is 32bit and wonder if Win98 is 32 or 16bit?
The problem is getting the OS to install both the drivers for the router - both Ethernet and USB.
I know it's all a bit retro and it's only a hobby, but I learn as I go along with help from Forums like this :D
Thanks in advance.
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  1. :pt1cable: OK, it's 16bit and that's my problem. Sorted.
  2. Every version of Windows from 95 on is 32-bit with 64-bit flavors of XP and Vista available. Even Windows 3.1 had 32-bit support, as 386+ processors were 32-bit. However, there was still a lot of 16-bit code in these OSes to make them more backwards compatible with older software.

    Windows XP was MS's attempt to finally expunge 16-bit completely. However, there are still some out there using old 16-bit software... and some of it will suprisingly still run on XP. If I remember right though, they don't work at all under Vista.
  3. Thanks Zoron, that's cleared it up. I saw 32bit in bold type all over the software floppy for the PCI card and that caused the confusion.
    I have that particular "DIY PC" on the back burner for the moment and will try again in the future. Thanks for taking the trouble to respond and clarify. :-)
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