vista installed, but dosn't see other hardrives :(


allright here's my problem.

Vista is installed on my main 80gig IDE drive. But it won't see my 300gig seagate SATA drive, and my Bios Does see the drive.

I'm kinda hoping there's a quick fix for this. I'm not the most skilled person when it comes to troubleshooting stuff, so all the help you can off will be appreciated
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  1. could this be the old 'primary drive smaller than the secondary drive' problem redux? Did you run an UPGRADE version of Vista, or straight box?

  2. my Primary Drive is a 80 gig IDE drive and my secondary drive is a 300gig SATA seagate Drive.

    the sata drive was my storage drive and i'm hoping i'm not going to have to format it to get windows to see it(it's already formatted to NTFS file system)
  3. did the tg Gods ever answer your problem? They must be rather busy

    I haven't had much trouble with drives, and if your uncomfortable troubleshooting then try to find the install cd that came with your hd.
    It should help.

    I also believe that you can go to control panel > install hardware > and force vista to install. Just pick generic Hard drive or storage device. As for the driver look on line or find your original cd.
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