Computer freeze after closing a dvd player [SOLVED]

I don't know what else to do , i tried every possible variants
After I start a player (WMP11, WinDVD, PowerDVD, VLC) playback is working fine but when i close or stop the player computer completly freeze
even mouse stop movin'

What can i do ? I have an ATI based card more exactly gecube 9550 EE
and ati driver 7.5

Many say it's from drivers but i unnistalled these drivers and returned to 7.2 problem still the same

What can I do?
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  1. I did a little search and i found that realtek AC97 audio drivers is the cause for these freezings

    Package version 3.90 is working fine also 3.91 but higher versions even the last one which is 4.00 it freeze the computer
    I really don't know why i didn't see any conflict and no warnigs in event viewer

    ... but now it work with 3.91 drivers

    So, problem solved till next error appears

    Let me know if anyone had problems like me and if this solution help them

  2. i got same problem except with my laptop. im using hp pavilion dv6128eu.
    i got nvidia geforce go 7200. i only got this problem after awhile so i think its about version too or codecs. havent updated video card for awhile so it cant be because of that.
    audio driver is Conexant High Definition . version is il try by updating with that new A wish me good luck :D
  3. I have the same problem, at least I already know it's because of the audio drivers. I own a MSI K7n2 Delta2 Platinum Motherboard, it has a Realtek AC'97 Audio chip and the driver version is, if anyone discover a better solution than return to previous driver version or any update to solve the problem, let me know. I'll really appreciate it.
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