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I am looking in to trying to find a build a PC for windows 98 SE with all the new OS and no reverse compatibility it is getting hard for me to play my old game. Its sad some games that really made computers what they are today are basiclly getting deleted by the new OS's and a weak attempt to emulate systems with confusion and compatibility issues with new hardware. Any way I just want to get some ideas on what some of the best of the best hardware where, and are for windows 98 se that has drivers for win 9.x that is. Mostly a good motherboard / cpu and video card that I can look for, for a windows 98 se game system. Thanks
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  1. What games do you plan to play?
  2. I was pretty pleased with picking up a couple of used custom Intel Pentium 3 systems for $50 each from the early 2000 year era.One was 650 Mhz and the other was 700 Mhz.
    Both had Asus motherboards.Some GREAT older graphics cards from that era were the 3DFX Voodoo 3,4 and 5 line.Windows 98 SE acted to quirky on my 1 Ghz AMD Athlon system so I installed Windows 2000 Pro on that system and it ran very stable.So I think that you will want something under 1 Ghz and probably the Intel Pentium 3 line.I know what you mean I keep a few older systems around.
  3. And so do i. If you mean playing games previous to the year 2000, any pentium3/4 @ 1.4/1.5 ghz will do greatly! Now if you plan to play glide games based games, then a voodoo5 is the way to go, if you play to play any other direct x game, get a geforce 3 or geforce 4. Those do great under win98. With the kind of components i gave you, picking the board should be no issue, because all the boards that attach to those components are (or at least should be) win98 compatible.

    Now if you want to pick something more recent, then windows 98 compatibility with the board becomes more complicated.

    I remember that i had a esc k7s5a with ddr memory that did great with windows 98, and those can have a athlon xp 2200+ and any agp card (3.3v or 1.5v agp port biased) on them.

    If you want to go oldschool, then a pentium 3 tualatin or amd thunderbirds at 1.4 ghz are te way to go. Those were great cpus, and still are for the most common today tasks like web browsing, emailing, working on office, watching a divx or a dvd, youtube and of course playing some oldschool games.
  4. The Windows 98/98SE era was the happiest time of my life really.It was very care free.DRM wasn't excessive like today.Most of what existed of DRM was safedisk which didn't work very well as DRM.Honestly I hated Windows XP when it came out.I didn't actually use Windows XP until 2004 when I built a new system.I didn't mind Windows 2000 Pro though as it is a wonderful OS.Then 3 months later in July 2004 my dad died.I've been sad ever since then.Really the last time that I felt positive was during 1999 to 2001.The software and games were awesome back then.I think that I must have perhaps several hundred titles (probably 400) from 1999 to 2001.A few months after 9/11/2001 my best friend and my uncle died.It's just not the same anymore.
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