Need help on Memory (MHZ), incorrect info showing up

im quite a newbie regarding hardware... so please help me out.,.
i have c2d e6600... and 2gb corsair ram 667mhz..

when i used the cpuz.... i only see 333 mhz.... and timings are at 5-5-5-21... something like that...

why is it at 333mhz ? and i see something like 4:5 FSB DRAM ratio... can anyone help me understand this better ? thanks alot !
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  1. ahhhhhh, now i get it.... my mem is 2gb DDR2 Corsair 667 mhz...

    so there really is no problem at all ??? how bout the timings ? is there a problem ? i might need to take a screenshot of the CPU-Z when i get home...thx alot !
  2. its only a corsair value select.... where could i find the mem timings ?
  3. The 333MHz is the clock rate, but DDR and DDR2 technology transfers two "chunks" of data per clock cycle (for an effective data rate of 667MHz in this case), hence the name "Double Data Rate".
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