HELP installing old software on Vista!

Does anyone know of a good work around to install older software on Vista? I've tried the compatibility feature and the install hangs during updates system files?

Here's the reason i'm trying and the software:

Its a Real Estate contact manager program called Top Producer 6. They have an updated version (version 7i) that is internet based and not desktop based. Before anyone responds, just get the updated version: That is not a real possibility because I am dealing with over 10,000 contacts, 1,000 letters, and over 15,000 phone numbers and I do not look forward to waiting for contact details or letters to download. (There has been complaints about there servers during peak times and plus i'm tired of software companies trying to make everything web based--- Our MLS switched over a year ago and it is the worst thing to happen because it is slow and un-predictable...

Anyway, does anyone know how to fool an install program into thinking Vista Ultimate is Windows XP (better yet 98 )??? All other software was able to install (adobe, MS, and web ware). (this is not a bash MS/Vista Thread!!!)

I doubt many people use this exact software but if anybody has any links or hints that have worked for other programs, maybe I can figure out how to get this to install.

No possible solution is too stupid for me to try.

Thanks for any help!!!! BC
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  1. Quote:
    No possible solution is too stupid for me to try.

    Install XP if it's such a big deal.
  2. Thanks for the response

    I have considered using XP for the install and then upgrading, I'm pretty sure it would work although I have not tried. This is on a home computer that I like to reformat often and hardly use for work. This is more a hobby trying to figure this out as our office is XP only and plans on staying that way for a while. (For Ever if we can't get this fixed!) I've spent a couple hours trying and I'll try to find another solution (other than XP--- although i'll try it if I have too) by way of google.

    More thoughts are welcome. I'm sure i'm not the only one having a problem like this. If I find a solution, I'll post it.
  3. Compatibility mode settings?
  4. Well, here is what I tried last.

    1) copied files from cd to HD (who knows why)
    2) I set compatibility to win 98/Me and checked all boxes... reduced resolution, colors, visual themes and the others
    3) I go through any file that is .exe or install file and change all files to the settings in number 2

    Install proceeds normally until it gets to updating system configuration and then it just hangs (45-60 minutes). I check task manager and the setup.exe process is at 45%-55% cpu usage for the entire time.... but it never goes anywhere.

    This is where I usually kill the process.

    other notes: I disabled vista firewall, McAffee Virus scan, couldn't figure out how to kill windows defender but have not received any error messages from these programs --- well I have to hit ok to change registry (mcaffee) and this is way before the hang occurs

    Again, thanks for any help or suggestions. I'll try other settings tomorrow, i'm calling it a day today. keep the suggestions/comments coming :)
  5. Everyone I know in real estate have gone completely web based because their real estate software sucks so bad on the desktop with no useful tech support. However, most people who install XP, load their desktop software and then upgrade find that their old software that doesn't run in a clean Vista environment will run in a Vista upgraded environment.
  6. Well, in my experience. It is better to have good information (desktop) version and nice presentations, Than having "ok" infomation and presentation (online). If you think about it, having network downtime or outages (or taking your laptop to a location without HS) is the same as not having your desktop software... online software is just not as advantageous as they claim.

    With that said, i'm out of ideas. I guess i'll throw xp back on and try to upgrade that way. I guess somehow they can legally stop making it compatible with new windows even though the disk says windows 95 and newer..... (although it would be fun to make a list of all software companies that claim "windows XX and newer" just to cop out of updating their own software :twisted: )

    Like I said, it was just a project anyway -- its not business threatening or anything. :)

    Thanks for all the ideas/comments. More are always welcome (i'm interested in this even though it isn't critical )
  7. bc,

    I have had problems with Top Producer for a long time.

    I tried copying all the (Top Producer) files on my XP machine to the appropriate locations on my Vista Machine (I think) and then tried to install it on XP - I got the same lock up problem you got.

    I have been trying a variety of compatibility options, with no successs yet.

    Any new info on your end?

    Hate to have to stick with XP.

    I have heard rumors of compatibility improvements with the first service pack for Vista, that should be out soon, but nothing specifically about Top Producer.

  8. I meant, "and then tried to install it on Vista"
  9. BC,

    BTW - our program does work somewhat, but has error '429' when trying to update the database and it crashes.

    The odd thing is that it actually makes the change before crashing!

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