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My Norton Antivirus subscription has run out, and rather than pay for more Norton that slows down my PC, I figured I'd go the freeware route. My question is: what (preferrably freeware) programs or applications should I get (i.e. firewall, antivirus software) in order to entirely replace all of the components of Norton Internet Security 2004? I've been looking at Avira AntiVir and ZoneAlarm.

P.S. I read that uninstalling Norton I.S. 2004 is particularly difficult, and not as easy as "Add and Remove" using control panel. Is there anyone out there who has a link to how to totally remove it from my compy?

P.P.S. I've also got Lavasoft Ad-Aware on here, lingering from when I had to download it to get on a university server. What does it do, and do I need it?

Any thoughts would be helpful. Thanks.
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  1. There is an uninstaller that you can obtain from Symantec. Search for "Can't uninstall NIS 2004". Personally, I recommend Panda for your antivirus needs... it's cheaper than Norton (especially the OEM versions... if you can find a store that carries them) and sucks up much less system resources. Despite what some people say about free antivirus software, I don't put a lot of trust into it... to me it's one of those "you get what you pay for" kinda deals.
  2. I second zoron for that, I own a freeware site and I'm the first to tell you for security apps do not go freeware, and that is for security apps only.

    reason being freeware security apps don't back their software at all and they even say it in their term of use. which mean even they are saying their own app in unreliable.

    instead get yourself good and fast and light security apps. my recommendations are

    anti virus = Nod32

    anti spyware = spy sweeper

    firewall = Sygate pro 5.6

    now zoron likes panda, I like nod32, but you decide which one is best for you.

    when you get nod and spysweeper be sure to make your setting like this:

    nod settings

    SpySweeper settings

    if you can't find Sygate let me know, pm me and I can't point you to the right direction ;)

    as for uninstalling Norton's left overs, you download the uninstall tool from my site ;) Norton uninstall tool @ Kool Lite Tools ;)
  3. Been using the free version ZoneAlarm firewall, which will block and/or ask permission for programs to connect to the internet, for years. excellent program. If you don't want the pop ups asking for permission for certain programs, you can allow them to connect when ever they try.
  4. I don't know if I've ever mentioned it to you, but Panda Antivirus + Firewall and Panda Internet Security actually uses Sygate's firewall. Of course, I can't seem to find where it says so at the moment, but I know that I've seen Sygate's name somewhere in the program.
  5. hey if you got Sygate on there then you are loving and know what I'm talking about ;) Sygate is really smooth, it has a few kinks but overall its very good firewall, I wish they had continued its production. but I love my nod too much, panda is way too slow and heavier for me comparing to nod32.

    now panda next to norton looks like an angel ;) like superman :)

    but ya Sygate rocks :)
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