installing the sims!

hey plz reply as soon as possible! my computer was just fixed so now i should be able to play the sims but when i trie installing the sims deluxe edition it got to 95 percent then it said componet transfer error! i dont know how to fix it or waht it means! if anyone knows what i should do so i can play please reply! :?:
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  1. you need to ask the sims's website about their software's install problem. your pc is not giving you any errors for us to trouble shoot your pc, the installer is giving that error, check their website and see their faq and see if you get lucky ;)
  2. Hey therei dont know how to install the sims hot date i tried everything

    searching, finding ,and going to the sims website but all i see are online

    games pls help me email me at pls


    pls help me im bored when the sims is gone

    the first one emails me will have a gf
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