Windows XP (on Domain) Login Freeze

I have about 30 machines on a Windows 2003 Server (all machines run XP)
One of my stations won't boot to an individuals login/password it freezes after about 2min. I have tried safe mode and that didn't work either. It boots into the login screen I type the user/pass and it gets to the Loading Personal Settings and freezes up.

I can login as admin with no problems and checked for Virus' and spyware as well as new software and I can't find anything "wrong". This machine has always worked well and according to the user he was rebooting the machine and thats when it started.

Any thoughts as to what can cause this, and how to fix it.

Thanks for any help.

P4 1.5
1.5 gig ram
XP w/all updates
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  1. You said you logged on as admin with no problems. You didn't specify whether you logged in as a domain admin or a local admin.

    If it was as a local admin, disjoin the machine from the domain and rejoin it. This will usually clear up the problem you're having.

    If you were able to easily login as a domain admin, I'd suggest the the problem is somewhere in that particular user's profile. You might want to wipe it and give them a new one, if that's feasible.
  2. Also, depending on how group policy is setup it might be in W2k login mode which means it waits for the network before proceeding forward. This isn't a bad thing though, I have all my W2k machine set like this so they when I push out updates or managed applications each machine gets it on the first reboot.

    How long have you waited for this machine in it's "stuck" phase? If possible, log it in and leave it over night see what happens.

    Oh one last thing, Does the machine have any devices connected to it's serial or parellel port??
  3. Depending on the size of My Documents as well as what everyone else suggested, it may be copying down all the contents to the computer which, again depending on the size, may take forever.

    Rename the profile on the server side and create a new one to see if that resolves the issue if My Documents isn't causing the problem.

    It could also be a slow connection, GPOs wil allow/disable users logging in with cached credentials.
  4. Thanks for the help, I wiped the profile and rebuilt the user after moving 4gig of crap out of his My Doc folder.

    Seems to work now, yet another user who is going to lose all the rights to his PC and internet usage.

    Thanks again.
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