Graphics Card Memory on Vista64

My graphics card is a 1650xt with 256mb of gddr3 memory.

In dxdiag, it shows close to 2gb (2045mb) of memory on the card.

What I've come to assume, is that with my 4gig of ddr2 ram, its "lent" some to the graphics card.

The card is fine, I cant see any good reason why it would need to do that, but I cant be sure if its reducing my performance taht the ram brings or not since I havent used it without all that being added to the graphics card.

I couldnt find any mention of this on Google so it may be isolated. Any people with the same thing or advice would be great.

I would like to turn it off.
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    Vista merely reports the total amount of RAM available to your vid card... it adds the onboard RAM to a certain amount of your system's RAM. There is no turning this feature off... and the RAM isn't used for video unless it's needed.
  2. Thanks.
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