The x86 vs x64 Issue!

Hey, ill be getting Vista very shortly...and ive been wondering about which version to use. I've got a C2D processor, so thats 64bit. however ive heard a couple people saying that not only is the 64bit version *sometimes* slower than the x86 version, it also has many many driver issues as well as lack of software. Most of the articles ive seen about this issue were published in 2006, has there been any updates or fixes to any of these issues? Are there any new issues?
Thanks a loooot!
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  1. While people say it has a lack of drivers and software, i've been running a 64bit version of vista on a 2nd comptuer for quite a while, and I must say there is hardly nothing I cant run, it mains seems ot be network stuff.

    It has backwards capability for 32bit things in an (x86) folder and you can run any program with backwards capabilities for Windows XP, I was generally happy with it and the RAM amount it lets you use is great.
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    Because Vista was available from the start in 32 and 64-bit, you'll find that most companies releasing Vista drivers will release both 32 and 64-bit. Obviously, there will be a few vendors that will drag their feet; but I'd say that by the end of the year, any company releasing drivers for Vista will have both available.
  3. There is a speed difference for some apps that were not written for 64 bit. Not all of them, but some 32 bit apps run much slower in a 64 bit environment. I came across about a dozen or so, but they were usually 3+ years old and probably poorly written. It really comes down to what else you are running that requires 64 bit (like 4Gigs RAM) or if you don't want to rebuild next year in a 64 bit environment.
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