System Restore Not Available on XP

Installed and then uninstalled 2 second rate Music Encoders (Noteburner and Tunebite). Since then have tried to use System Restore to purge any remaining pieces and restore lagging performance. Have tried about 15 prior dates (all were bold dates) going back almost 2 months but all dates tried so far have not been available. My attempts today were even less successful; couldn't select dates prior to June 3. I'm reluctant to go back multiple months since this will wipe out numerous Windows, software and AV updates. I did use System restore back in May and it worked fine.
Are hang-ups like this typical of System Restore?
Should I assume that recent music software is the cause of this?
AND is this a problem that can be addressed by some type of repair function from the Windows install CD?
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  1. what you need to do is disable system restore to delete all restore points/files then enable it again, but if you want real protection then you need to clone with Acronis True Image to another drive, only then are you full proof ;)
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