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I have a problem cycling through active programs using the Alt+Tap shortcut, when I'm playing games.

The shortcut works between normal windows (browser ect.), but just flicker the screen when i try from within a game.

I have also tried windowskey+d and a few other combinations, but the games will simply not have over control to windows.

Im using windows Xp pro and an ATI x1950xt pro graph card, with the catalyst controller. i have no other programs running, which could cause the problem.

Hope someone has the solution. I suspect the ATI driver, but cant find anything on the ATI forum.

All the best
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  1. It depends on the game... some games will lock-out the Alt-Tab combo as well as Alt-F4 and possibly others. Simply pressing the Windows key may be enough to minimize the game (it works with C&C 3)... but every game will be different.
  2. Thanks for your answer.

    It seems to be a thing that happened after i installed the ATI card and catalyst control center.

    I was just wondering it, there was a trick to force a program to obey windows, after all - xp is the OS and should control the events.

    Anyway, it seems that if i Alt+Tap during the load, it still works when the game is running. So it might not be such a big problem after all, if i just remember to tap out during the load.

    All the best
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