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I have done a clean install of windows xp home sp1. I had to download update in order to get sp2 and everything else under the sun. for whatever reason I went back into windows update, just to find I had to re-install update as though it was never installed to begin with. I am asked to download activeX in ordr to download windows update,which I did.As soon as I had installed Active-X I get a message that, enternet explorer has incountered a problem and needs to close. First off, I had thought windows update was already installed on my computer from when I installed it on my first install , but anyway I went into add remove programs to remove update to find it was no where to be found, not sure what happened to it from when it was installed from the get go. Any ideas on how I can resolve this little problem.
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  1. don't use IE use opera or firefox and set windows to check and download updates for you automatically ;)
  2. For what ever reason, probably nefarious :twisted: , Windows requires you to update Genuine Advantage before installing the current updates, i.e., those released yesterday. I agree with edkite you're better off using Firefox or Opera as well as Thunbird for your E Mail. I suppose Opera has an E Mail program if you prefer. You still need IE for Windows Updates and a few other sites.
  3. I had installed (Genuine Advantage) on my original install using windows updates, that's the deal, I had downloaded all updates reguired for an install, sixty+, all this after downloading (windows updates) the first time out. The deal is, somewhere along the line I have lost Windows updates, and now when I go to install Windows updates using ActiveX, I get Internet Explorier has incountered a problem and needs to close. It seems as though my problem is with ActiveX. I may be wrong, but I am not sure what else it could be. I'm missing something somewhere.
  4. Manually download IE 7 and install it... see if that helps.
  5. I manualy downloaded IE7, went into all programs, clicked on windows update and recieved the same deal. This may take awhile to fix the way things are going. Thanks for the input. I'll keep on a truckin.
  6. I have looked up the error which tells me I am having a problem with (wuwed.dll), I had looked said file up using search, which showed several location. I went to as many as I was allowed to access and scanned the file, with no results. I had also searched the net to look for .net files, which I had found, but for a small fee the downloading of the wright .dll was yours. I don't have a problem with that, it's just I would like some assurance that everytime I put out $9.00 It does the job it says it can do. Anyway, That's enough. If need be, I will manually install what ever updates I need. One problem though, windows Defender does not work as per, being it realizes on auto update, which I don't have anymore. God... life is good. Thanx for the help from those who have replied with there input.
    PS, The only thing I use Defender for is a quick way to access the start programs menu.
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