Help...gaming problems with x1950 PRo 512mb


I notice that when I play HL2:ep 1 at max settings...i will get an infinite loop error but when i reduce the settings to medium settings im not getting any errors at all, so far.

card is X1950 PRO 512mb pci-e
My driver is 8.36
and my CCC is 7.4

and i also notice that everytime I open the CCC the screen will blink and return to the CCC is this natural?

Thanks to all the help
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  1. the blinking stuff is fine.

    Have you tried using other versions of the driver???
  2. thank god someone replied...

    First, I used the driver included in the cd and the infinite loop error appeared so i decided to update to the latest driver available from the ati website. After i installed the new driver i still got the error. i nver tried other drivers other than these 2 because the last time i tried to remove the driver an error pop up and i have to reformat the whole pc :(
  3. I have just upgraded my PC with and now it is:

    AMD X2 3600 Brisbane, MB ASrock, AM2NF3-VSTA, 2 x 1 GB DDR 667 SuperTalent, SATA HDD 120 GB, X1950 Pro (AGP)...
    I have reinstalled windows XP Pro SP2 and when I tryed to run 3 MARK 2005 it always get error "infinite loop" during CPU test Canyon Flight
    ... event viewer says "The driver ati2dvg for the display device got stuck in infinite loop" and system error category 102 ... the same is in games...
    ... just to note that my card X1950Pro was normaly working before in old PC configuration! I have tried everything and I have had it enough :(

    Please report if you find solution,
    sorry on my grammar, english is not my native language.
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