How Can I Edit Boot.ini in Vista?

My friend have installed Win XP and Vista Ultimate on same pc but later he reinstall the Win XP and now pc directly boot to Win XP directly. I try to edit boot.ini of Vista?
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  1. Vista doesn't use boot.ini anymore... it's boot-loader is completely different from XP's boot loader. The only way you're going to get it back is to do a repair from the Vista CD.
  2. use bcedit.exe in the command prompt.. alternatively download vistabootpro it's a gui version of bcedit allowing you to adjust your boot options with ease.
  3. Don't think that will help, as they have overwritten Vista's bootloader with XP's...
  4. Your friend will have to do a repair from the Vista disc to get vista booting again. as for dual booting, try a program called EasyBCD. This will help setup the boot options.
  5. Thanks mates!
    I'll try it and will update if it can fix the problem or not.
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