Hef's getting married .. .again... at 84 !!

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  1. Who's that?
  2. This is what a man different from a woman. You loss your hair but not the smile in our faces.
  3. Something really wrong with *** like that.

    Depending on the ages, a 5 year gap can be paedophilia. WTF do you call that sort of relationship then?
  4. No it's not as long as they're both 18.
  5. Well, sometimes enough just ain't enough, I guess. Good luck to them both since I'm sure they're both gonna get what each one wants...... and more.... :)
  6. I am not talking about legal age of consent.

    There is more to this type of thing than law.

    That girl is one step away from being a necrophile or a whore.

    Those extreme age relationships just seem wrong to me. But that is me.
  7. Actually it's a perfect match - they both exploit other people for money..

    In some Asian countries, women prefer the men to be older than themselves - I guess they figure to inherit the wealth that much sooner :D.
  8. Anyway, as long as they are happy ...
  9. Let's make bets: When do you think the marriage will end?

  10. ^ When the Viagra stops working. :na: This might be old Hef's last girlfriend upgrade.
  11. His bank account might need some more CPR.
  12. Don't be like that ... they could both be in love.

    Some women feel very safe around older men.

    I am trying not to seem creepy ...
  13. <3 you

  14. Well, it also shows that it's never too late to fall in love..... be it with the man or the money or the body..... :)
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  17. Update ... sorry bout the delay.

    Poor Hef.

    We need to get him an account here and give him some tips.

    Between gamer, mingo and badge we will get him another chick.

    If you have any ideas to help perk up his spirits feel free to post them here.

    I was going to suggest he goes for an ugly one ... it works for me.
  18. Hef's wedding to Crystal Harris at the Playboy Mansion Saturday was called off by the bride-to-be after a bitter telephone conversation Sunday. One of two things must have happened. Either the pre-nup just arrived in the mail or she's just learned to read.
  19. Anyhow ... keep your eye open for another one for Hef ... he needs a few wingmen.

    I'll e-mail him that Russian Bride site ... choice !!


    Looks like Hef's business advisor told him it would look bad for the 'world's most eligible playboy' to be all broke up over being jilted, so he picked Ms. January for his new tootsie-roll :P.

    BTW, he's 85 now - time to change his title to 'world's oldest play-geezer' :D..

    He really looks like he's got Alzheimer's or something, at least in the later pix.

    And as to his claim-to-fame of championing women's freedom, there's an expose out by one of his former playmates, stating that in order for house bunnies to get their weekly salary, they would have to meet with Hef and he would go over in detail what he disliked about them and order them to improve. Guess he had to be the controlling daddy figure..
  21. Hey ... when you have had as much pussy as he has feel free to take a swipe at him.

    He has been a champion of many causes over the years ... google him for a decent read.

    I hope he dies nailing some hot babe ...

    We should then start the cannonization process quickly ...

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