Windows 7 BLACK SCREEN of death please help!!


day before yesterday, everything working fine. no errors or issues of any kind.
yesterday, i woke up and turned computer on and just had a black screen..
config:i7 920 6gb ddr3 corsair dominator 1600 mhz cl7,psu corsair 850w,mbo asus p6t deluxe and samsung 932bf 19'' on win 7 x64 rtm 7600

system is brand new except ati 4870 which is one year old and monitor

Have tried everything,took out battery on motherboard for half hour, reinserted and restarted. holding down delete button. got the bios screen and reset to defaults. save and exit, and then just black screen.
cant even see bios, asus load screen or anything.
just one beep.flashed bios also,turned memory slots,changed dvi connector on 4870,i reseated my video card.monitor works cuz i can see load screen sometimes.

and had finally managed to enter win,and its works fine till system is idlle,then goes to sleep.tried to wake up
and guess what black screen again,restarted comp and again black screen no bios no anything....
and lets go for another try.after 5-6 rebooting,win 7 starts again,in power options have turned off everything,
and tried shutting down monitor and turned it back on and ye you know black screen of death again ;S;S
installed latest ati catalyst driver aslo,and system restore but no point,cant turn my pc and monitor off pls help
thanks in advance
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  1. This was in the news earlier today:

    From what i gathered from reading the problem remains unknown. Also ive had the same problem where not even my bios would load, so your not alone.

    If this is your problem, you should have a recent update to windows. If you do, try uninstalling it, or try to go back to a recent restore point.
  3. win update is off,but have managed to restore point,for now.. but dont wanna try to power off computer :) we shall see tomorrow guys thanks
  4. for now its working with system restore :)
    luckily found backup from dvd
    and decided to install fresh copy of windows
  5. my post on pcw:

    DragonSprayer1 posted Wed Dec 02 10:46:17 PST 2009

    Its true!

    We bought my daughter a gateway laptop with T6600 and windows 7, 3-4 weeks ago from Amaz. model: nv5820u The system was used all week last week, during our thanksgiving vacation, 1100 miles from home. on Monday of this week the system did the BSOD dance. The system was used all week at thanksgiving, the system was used to watch dvd'd in the car on sat and sunday = monday crashed!

    this is the events:

    BSOD, auto recovery failed
    system rolled back auto
    os says: "system roll back failed" - but the system boot back up to the orginal settings on the next restart. no data lost. pesky norton tried to reload - norton should classified a virus!

    So all orginal programs, including norton which we removed, other bloatware was reinstalled. By the way I build high systems, warpedsystems, so i know PC's - also have been subscriber to this magazine for a decade or so -on and off.

    The bottom line is the rumor is true! By the way microsoft, this caused issues with office - our free trial will not work. My daughter was very frustrated last night as see could not get on line wireless and had to use another pc for office.

    i smell a class action lawsuit!
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