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A week ago I bought SilverStone PSU ST50EFPlus 500W. But I found out that the PSU itself is very heavy (think it's 3-4 kgs). Now the problem is that I can't find the right case for my new PSU. I think ordinary case will not strong enough to hold the SS ST50EFPlus just by screwing 4 bolts at the back of the PSU and a little extra space holding from the side and back. I need a strong and firm holding case for heavy PSU but notice that I can afford to spend over $. 70. In this case, which brand and type of casing should fit my budget?

Any help will be much appreciated.
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  1. Thx for fast reply, I found CoolerMaster wavemaster case with extra square pipe tab from the right side but I can't afford for the price.
    Do you know any other case that has the similar holding tab like coolermaster wave master but its price not exceed $. 70?

    Thanks again.
  2. Of course USD. Any brand will do. I just need an extra holding tab just like cooler master wave master one. But if it's ok with the standard tab, what about ThermalTake Mambo compared to the coolermaster you that you suggest? TT offers $. 60 in my country. I don't know where to buy the coolermaster that you suggest in my country (those types don't sold in my country). Thanks.
  3. No, I won't. I gonna use that case along with my SilverStone ST50EFPlus PSU. Thanks for your help :wink:
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