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Hi, I am just wondering if it is allowed to offer advice regarding Win98 "Unofficial" service packs and Kernel updates. I am not sure whether M$FT considers these updates as illegal or if it violates the terms of use policy here. I am in NO way talking about piracy as you need to have a legit win98 install to add service packs to, but everyone has win98 disks laying around don't we.....
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    One well-known unofficial service pack for W98 steals many elements from WMe, so I would consider it completely illegal if one doesn't have a WMe licence.

    Then, Microsoft alleges that decomposing and recomposing software isn't allowed by their so-called licence agreement. However, the licence agreement isn't the law, and several courts in the EU have decided against the so-called agreement.

    So modifying W98 with pieces written by yourself (like painting new icons, programming a stable VMM...) is very probably legal and little risky. Complete forums exist for that.
  2. I don't have 98 disks lying around... I left it far behind once XP was released. I have tried any of these so-called "service packs", so I would be unable to tell you if they are actually useful. As far as legality, it's extremely unlikely MS would care about Windows 98 anymore.
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