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Hiya all,

I new to here and have some question that would like to ask you guys for suggestion. I have a XP system with 2 hard disk install. I had install my windows XP in 1st hdd which have 20GB and the 2nd hdd which had 3 partitions on it. Then i install all my software on one of the partition in 2nd hdd, and all the storage in the other two partitions. Is that the file allocation like this will give me better performance and longer my 1st hdd?
And how to keep my system performance as well as the newly system when many software and file being install in the day later on?
Thanks for all the reply and appreciate for any input. :D
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  1. this is an awful idea.

    if one drive goes back you are screwed.

    if the first one goes bad, all your apps on the second one partitions won't work ever again.

    if the second drive goes bad, you got no programs.

    best way to setup is this:

    put your OS and program files on one drive, and put everything else on the second drive.

    now get an external drive and Acronis True Image and clone/copy your os drive to another drive.

    now if your OS drive goes bad, its OK you got a copy of it ready to go in seconds and you lose nothing ;)

    right now you don't have a backup of nothing, and instead of being vulnerable to one HDD corruption you have made yourself vulnerable to 2 HDD corruptions, in other words you have put yourself in twice the vulnerability.
  2. ok, i will take your word.
    thanks ya.
  3. good luck, when you clone your dirve with acronis, first make a rescue cd then boot off of that cd and then clone, that way you will endup with a good clone, clonig while running windows is not the best idea ; )

    good luck ;)
  4. thank you very much, i will work hard on this. :?
  5. its all pretty easy really if you need help let me know ;)
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