XP Home update kb935839 causes kernel32.dll error

Has anyone else had this problem?

After installing xp home updates yesterday, my machine rebooted itself, then continued to reboot (xp would start to load then my pc would reset itself and start booting again) :-(

Booting windows with the "dont automatically restart system on failure" option revealed I had a corrupt kernel32.dll, which was fixed by using recovery console to copy the file over again.

Once this is done, xp will boot. Then it tells me to update....

I've installed this update twice with the same result (corrupted kernel32.dll and broken xp). I am running a genuine copy of xp home with service pack 2 and all the updates.
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  1. don't update and wait a few days and let ms know about this, its probably a bad update
  2. Downloaded and installed the update today (again) with the same kernel32.dll error :evil:

    Again was fixed using recovery console to copy kernel32 off the xp cd. slightly different result this time, now xp security centre is telling me zone alarm is turned off (which it 100% is not).

    This is f*****g annoying. My system specs:

    MSI RS480M2-IL S939
    A64 x2 4800 (not oclocked or anything)
    xfx 6800gt (again not oclock)
    2x 1gb ram (generic but tested with mem test, not faulty)
    New 700w psu
    2 x Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 80GB (no longed in raid as msi raid sucked)
    Compro/videomate DTV 300 (i think, again works fine)

    sw running:

    xp home sp2 (genuine not copy) with all prior updates
    spybot resident
    packard bell backup utility
    realtek sound manager
    nvidia taskbar widget
    mysql service
    apache service

    Any help would be appreciated
  3. just for the hell of it can you disable all none ms services and also all startup apps and see if this still happens ?
  4. Yeah, i'll try in safe mode too (if xp can update in safe mode?). i'll post results either way.....
  5. Cant update in safe mode :-(

    Disabled all non ms services and startup items (using msconfig). Downloads, installs, same fcking bsod :evil:

    I'm out of ideas
  6. then either skip that update or do a xp repair
  7. Yeah i guess. It's annoying though as its listed as a critical update. i'm not going the xp repair route, can have unexpected results.....
  8. not sure what you mean but xp repair, when aplicable, has always worked in the cases I have worked with.

    you getting an error with the bsod?
  9. Two easy fixes
    1. do a system restore back to the day BEFORE the update OR
    2. in add/remove programs uninstall the update (need to check the show update box)

    Then you will be able to research the problem with a working PC!
  10. like i said, i get a bsod once the update is installed, when i restore the kernel32.dll from the xp cd, i get xp back along with the notice to install the update, so system restore and add/remove programs doesn't apply.

    thanks for the comment though
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