My solo 2300 doesnt boot up

hi , I just bought a gateway solo 2300, the previous owner explained that it had windows 98 installed and they tried to upgrade it to xp, and it just messed everything up ,now it just says incorrect operating system insert correct cd and hit anykey, something to that effect". so I dont know if I should try and find a windows 98 recovery cd or what, Please advise.
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  1. Hi!
    You need an installation Cd and a key - both of Oem type or of box type.

    If you have a W98 sticker somewhere, typically on the computer's case, just borrow a W98se installation disk from anyone (...anyone who has one).

    If not, buy a W98se (Second Edition is clearly better) Oem at eBay. Under 10 euro.

    However, if you have enough Ram (like 128MB) I would strongly recommend to buy a WinMe rather than W98se. Faster boot, more complete, better Usb, and some more.


    It all depends on the hardware upgrades already done or the ones you'd do... I've just seen a description on the web:
    - Pentium 200MHz
    - 32MB Ram
    - 2GB disk
    if this is still the config you have and want to keep, Xp will refuse to install on it, and W98-98se-Me will be very uncomfortable. But W95b would fit nicely. eBay as well.

    Even with plenty of Ram and a 7200rpm disk, a 200MHz Pentium would make W98se-Me slightly apathetic, even after bootup. I'd go to W95b then.

    As an upgrade, both the Ram and the disk should be improved. eBay again, the only place for oldies.
  2. I really do appreciate your response, one more thing, I realized that the hard drive can be pulled right out of the computer, can I just get another hard drive? or should I just use this one, I also pulled it out and put it back in, now it says "cannot find operating system". what can I do now?
  3. thanx again
  4. "cannot find operating system" proves it finds the disk, so you put it back properly I guess. They are designed to be removed and put back, though not on a daily basis.

    You don't need the same model; quite the opposite, a better one (more rpm, more GB per platter) would be preferable. You need a 2.5" P-Ata, but that's not the whole picture: your chipset and Bios will put more limits which are difficult to predict.

    So for the disk as well as for the Ram (looks like sdram pc66 sodimm) you need to know your computer better: find the exact model, the documentation on paper or online...

    At startup, the Bios tells you more about the processor and the Ram.

    What you could do as well is test the Ram with Memtest86+ and the disk with it's manufacturer (name written on it) specialized software.
  5. I bought a windows 95 and windows 96 operating system and it still doesnt work.please advise
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