tie together many different programs with html?


I am looking for an easy fix to a aggravating issue.

Where I work, we build high end broadcast and add insertion servers. Because of the huge amount of parts on hand, we use Oracle for our database. Oracle is great for the bean counters but horrible in manufacturing area. We also use Lotus notes, PDF and word files to produce our paperwork.

I am looking to try and find a program that would be able to tap into all these other programs and bring it to a simple to use interface when we need information. I was thinking of some sort of HTML to keep it very simple.

Ease of use is the big priority here.

Can this even be done using html or some other program?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

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  1. You can look into RSS. Lotus Notes and Oracle both allow for RSS extensions that could work, but I don't know of a .pdf RSS creator. I think no matter what you use, the Word (unless if all docs are saved in HTML) and .pdf will be the biggest obstacles.
  2. I dont know anything about rss but I do know that office 07 incorporated the xhtml into there files, thats what the x in .docx. stands for. acrobat pro 8.0 will convert pdfs into html files
  3. thank you for the help. I had considered office 2007. I will have to give that a try and see what I can create.

    Thank you guys
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