I need some information on WINDOWS VISTA.

1. What exactly is the difference between Home Premium and Ultimate? Do you really need Ultimate? If you do some gaming and mainly internet browsing, do you need it?

2. When the disc says something like Windows Vista 32 bit DVD and Windows Vista 64 bit DVD, what exactly is the difference? Is there a performance difference, or it doesn't really matter?
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    Ultimate combines all the features from Home Premium and Business into one OS. Bitlocker encryption, full network domain support, etc.

    The difference is one is 32-bit and the other 64-bit... just what it says. Right now, there isn't a lot of 64-bit software available, so any performance difference is going to be negligible. The only thing 64-bit brings to the table right now is larger address space... which means you can address 4GB+ of memory. 4GB is the limit of 32-bit operating systems.
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