Windows XP Startup problems...

Not sure what the real problem is here, but it's definitely weird. Upon startup, almost everything loads up... all of my user-installed programs seem to work. For some reason, however, Windows Update and Security Center fails to load... On top of that, I get sporadic access to System Restore.

The biggest issue I can find is with programs like CPU-Z, SpeedFan, and CoreTemp. CPU-Z and CoreTemp fail to load at all... They pop up in the Processes menu, but fail to load their respective GUIs. SpeedFan loads, buy hangs when it comes to detecting my primary hard drive sensors.

In Safe Mode I am able to load SpeedFan successfully. I'm also able to load up CPU-Z and CoreTemp, but only after they've warned me that "The driver has failed to load"... They don't tell me what driver.

Almost everything else works, but some of it seems a little slow. This all happened after I got a bluescreen while testing out some OC settings on my CPU, so I'm pretty sure something is corrupt. I really don't know how to proceed, though. Any suggestions?
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  1. run memtest86
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