I read this article...and scanned froogle which pointed me to the Egg...which...well see for yourself.

This puppy would work for Vista, just barely but it'd hold it...too bad they're out of stock...coming soon I think.

And the affordable one which would be great to hold Windows XP...(Vista is too large)

Anyone actually have one of these fast, 0 decibel, 10 year SSD's? Tell me more about it's awesomeness? They seem affordable and I'm considering getting a couple of my comps.
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  1. They've had them for a while, they just don't have 3.5 ones yet. Plus there really, really expensive.
  2. It's a promising technology but very expensive since it's not mass produced and not on the mainstream. It's about time we change our hard drive, a very old technology by the way that uses spinning disk. Solid state hard drives on the other hand are zero noise and vibration, no moving parts meaning it more reliable, its fast and low watts consumption.
  3. I have a feeling that Solid State will loom over us as 64bit has been doing for the last few years...

    The potential is clear... RAM like performance from a hard drive... if they can just bridge the gap between speed of Flash and speed of normal HDDs we win.
  4. can you put these things in raid 0?
  5. I imagine you can raid them yes, but Raid-0 wouldn't be necessary, these things have incredible seek and read speeds, often a good deal faster than a raptor. It appears that some of these connect with regular Sata connectors and others use a 44-pin IDE connection. Who cares what the capacity is if it'll hold an OS, use a tiny bit of electricity, last longer, create no sound or heat and take up little space. As costs come down, I'm sure enthusiasts will eat it up. It's actually not a bad price now, but I'm a bit concerned with write speeds and longevity. People paid a lot for 36GB raptors and those things don't last, produce lots of heat, are loud, and are possibly slower. I can't wait until they become mainstream. I can get a 3.5" rack adapter for that 1.8" drive. I think I might already have one. Don't even need any special adapters if it takes regular sata connectors, I'd have to double check though on the voltage to be sure. You can buy adapters for bays at places like Can you imagine the boot times with that and a Barcelona?

    If anyone is interested...
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