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hello folks i just need a little guidance on setting up a network , i will be setting up 10 coms in a room that will need to be all running the internet thru a single source, ( a dsl line to be correct).
it will be a kids computer room workshop.
they are wanting them all to be able to get on the internet, so in my opinion they need to set up a server , client set up so that it can be monitered.
im wanting to know the proper equiptment that i will need as far as routers or switches.
as im writing this i also wonder if this unit that i have on my desk that i stumbled on is somthing i can use.

A 3COM office connect 16 port dual speed hub.
im hoping that this hub will come in handy.

im just wanting to know the corrected way to set this up.

thanks.......................Robert :D
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  1. If you just need Internet access just get a wired router. You could use the hub but it's old tecnology. A network switch would work better.

  2. The easiest thing to do is grab yourself a router and a switch. The Hub will work but I would suggest using a switch for better network performance.

    The next thing you may want to do would be to set up the server to act as a gateway to the internet but you would need 2 network cards attached to the server. The least costly would be this way. If you know your way around computers and networking then I would go this way. If not then go with the Router and the Switch or Hub. Hub would be the cheaper way out that way too. It is all about how much money and time you are willing to put into it. Also how much monitoring you want on the network. You could easily buy a more expensive router with a nice firewall inside that would help with monitoring and such. Netgear has a few small Bizz class routers that run around 200-400 bucks. You really do not need much more then that.
  3. for nothing more strenuous than internet access that hub will do just fine, now you just need a router to share the incoming connection and a filtering software to install on the childrens computers. for this i suggest bsafe ( as far as my research its about the best out there. hope that helps.

    the full bsafe security suite monitors and blocks content from web, instant message, and email all in one and can be set to email you if it thinks there are any issues you need to be aware of.
  4. The easiest and quickest way would be to share the internet via a router connected to your dsl modem via CAT5 cable. Almost all the newer routers and some of the older routers have advanced features to block assess to websites, and set internet usage times. If you need something more hefty I would suggest installing web monitoring software on each computer that they will be using. To add a server to your setup would be overkill in my opinion. You can use your hub if you need more connections but try to get a router that has enough ports for all your computers. For the web monitoring software you can try netnanny, I hear they are good and kept up to date with new websites. Good luck!
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