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Windows 95 pc wont boot my other OS

ok i have a pentium 1 166mhz, 64mb ram nec ready 9619. it wont boot my ubuntu disc! it came with windwos 95. what can i do. BTW, this pc has no hd, and its not gonna get one!
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    In my experience a PC of that spec won't happily run any modern OS. If it did boot Ubuntu it would run unbearably slow and would soon crash due to the lack of a swap partition.

    PCs aren't too expensive nowadays - time to join the 21st century (or else stick with Windows 95). I'm impressed that you can get Windows 95 to boot and run without a hard disk.
  2. oh um i ran w95 till the hd died. its actually kubuntu but that doesnt matter. it stopped funcyioning (the hd died) when i tried toinstall winxp
  3. As I say, with that spec and without a hard disk I wouldn't bother.
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