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Hey all. I'm installing Vista home premium on a PC that I've just built. However, Vista doesn't recognise any hard drive during the installation process. I know that it is attactched properly, since the mobo bios registers it, and inserting the motherboard driver disk doesnt help either.

Mobo is a Gigabyte p35-DS3R

HDD is a seagate barracuda 7200.10 500gb, SATA with a 16mb cache
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  1. Hmmm, I've downloaded all of the mobo drivers onto a FAT32 USB stick and Vista doesnt recognise any of them. I've formatted my hard drive to be NATFC or something, and that didn't help either. I'm stuck! Could somebody with the heart quickly walk me through what I need to do? If all else fails I'll call my mobo manufacturer for advice.
  2. Im certain someone will correct me, but i have had and seen other with same problem.

    Try to install with only minimal stuff
    2gb of ram, not 4 put 4 in after install (shouldnt matter but it does)

    make CERTAIN that your installing it on the SATA 1 port.
    Myself and two others could not get vista to install one any port but number 1
    I had to remover ram and two other HD before vista would install. Go vista working put ram and everything else back in and all was happy.
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