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I have a compaq armarda 1592 notebook running windows 95, I downloaded the sound driver for ess 1878 but it won't pick it up, it installs the driver but there is a yellow mark against the entry when you go into the device driver section, any help woul be appreciated
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  1. If you have an add on sound card, you need to download the driver from the card manufacturer.
  2. Make sure you have the correct driver... ESS put out a lot of different chips. Did you download the driver from Compaq or ESS?
  3. It could be a resource conflict... I used to have an ESS card in one of my computers and every time I fresh-installed Windows, I had to manually re-configure the IRQ of the sound card so it didn't conflict with (I forget what) something else... Check ALL the tabs in the ESS device's propreties, and look for information regarding conflicts...
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