Triple boot with NTFS OS's?

A couple quick questions.

Was the fully patched Windows ME ever better than Windows 98se? I own Windows ME Update still, old halogram disk.

I'm wanting to triple boot Windows 98se (or Windows ME), Windows XP Pro (32bit), and Windows 7 (64bit) this possible?

I want to run several programs that only work with Windows 98. The old games that will not even run on Windows XP. Similarly I want to run older games that have problems running on Windows 7.
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    Windows ME was never better... in fact, it is probably the worst OS MS has ever released. It's possible to triple boot, depending on your hardware. I'd recommend separate drives for each OS. The problem is, your hardware is probably too new to make use of 9x... you won't have any luck finding drivers. If your games don't make use of 3D graphics, that probably won't be an issue anyway... but you may have stability issues.
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  3. Thank you.
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